Boquete, Panama Information Blogs

  • Boquete Coffee Farm
    Story of small Boquete coffee farm owned and manged by expat from UK via way of US. Coffee available for sale on line and in Boquete.
  • Horse Talk Panama
    Blog for news and information regarding horses in Panama: horses for sale, events, medical alerts, Horse Communities, Horse Clubs.
  • Playa Blanca Vacation Rentals
    Vacation rental condos along the beaches of Playa Blanca.
  • Panama Lady
    Perspectives of a Panama resident and her travels around the world.
  • Samuel Taliaferro--Valle Escondido
    Blog about Panama, Boquete, Real Estate, the state of the economy, and John Galt.
  • A Panama Guide
    The Center of the World and heart of the Universe. Tidbits and news concerning Panama--and some really cool photos.
  • The Panama Report
    Panama Real Estate, information about Panama Travel and Panama Vacation Investment opportunities.
  • Boquete Ning is an open community forum.
  • Chiriqui Chatter
    Chiriquí Chatter is written in a journal format.
  • Destination Panama
    Information Blog on Panama. A Life & Travel Guide with Tips on Panama for Vacationers, Panamanians, and Expats. Listings for Hotels, Restaurants, Doctors, Tours, Vacation Escapes and more.

Boquete Information

  • Back to the Boquete Mountain Safari Web Site
    Quick link to the best in travel tours in Boquete, Panama
  • Boquete Mountain Safari Tours
    Whether you're seeking rugged adventure, cool mountain waters, award winning coffee, sizzling hot springs, exotic birds, nature, geology, or panoramic vistas, Boquete Mountain Safari has the right tour for you. We can accommodate groups of 2 to 20. All of our guides were born and raised in Boquete, so they know the area very well; they are bi-lingual and great at finding the rare Quetzal and Three Wattled Bellbird, Howlers and Sloth, on our hikes. You can see what others are saying about us on TripAdvisor, IgoUgo, ThornTree, or our web site. We also have information about how to get to Boquete, Panama, accomodations, and other things to do while here. Let us know if we can help in any way.
  • Experience Boquete Today
    New blog designed by the Boquete Business Association to keep the world informed of the latest news, weather, activities, and hotels in Boquete, Panama.
  • Weather in Boquete, Panama
    Since 2002, the world's retirement population has been discovering Boquete as a retirement haven with low cost of living, perfect weather and beautiful people. As a result, unemployment here is low and quality of life is high. Boquete weather is characterized by a warmer Dry Season (December through March) known as Summer, and a cooler Wet Season (April through November) known as Winter. Temperatures are highly dependent on elevation, cloud cover and rainfall, with variances of up to 20 degrees Farenheit between the sea level cities of Panama City and David, to the 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) above sea level elevation of Boquete. Nights and sometimes even days, on the summit of Volcan Baru at 4,000 meters (13,000 feet), can get VERY cold so be sure to prepare for this if you intend to scale the summit. The climatic conditions and sharp incline in topography make for breathtaking beauty, as well as several micro-climates within the valley itself. Check out the weather right now by clicking on the icon below.

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